Friday, April 27, 2007

Hi Fleishman Hillard! Hi! Your client is killing people with AIDS! Thanks for stopping by!

You know what I love?


You know why I love StatCounter?

Because it told me that someone from Fleishman Hillard, a PR firm that represents Abbott, was doing an internet search with the key words "Abbott Kaletra" and landed on... my dumb blog post about what I was going to wear to the protest, which I'll write about more in the next day or so.

Now, that makes me feel stupid because it would have been nicer if that Fleishman Hillard intern landed on a post that said something like... something like the title of THIS post. Or at least, something that wasn't my little throwaway observations about the semiotics of hospital fashion when protesting. How embarrassing is that?

So, now I've got my post title all set up for tomorrow, which I hope will bring another blog search from the good folks over there at Fleishman Hillard. And maybe, just maybe, a low-level PR employee will take a moment to wonder... is this really the work that represents who I am as a human being? Am I really being the best person I can be today?

Or, more likely, just glance at this and be annoyed that they have to enter the link into some Excel spreadsheet that indexes "Blog Mentions: Positive" "Blog Mentions: Negative" "Blog Mentions: Mixed."

Pic: Abbott CEO Miles White

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