Wednesday, April 18, 2007

AAC bloggers have a job waiting for me...

The AIDS Action Committee of Boston now has a blog with updates on policy issues and perspectives on various AIDS and service issues. Recently this post made me feel like my instincts about what people living with HIV are looking for in their medical care are at least headed in the right direction... and this post reminded me that the difference between a thoughtful doctor and a thoughtless one makes a huge difference to some of the folks I hope will be my patients.

What makes me feel good about both of these posts is the feeling that people are writing a job description for me that I'm eager to fill.


Drnjbmd said...

Hey Joe,
Interesting, I feel the same way. I have linked to your blog on my blog "Medicine from the Trenches". I think you will find that we may write about similiar matters.

Joe Wright said...

thanks N--I've linked back to you too. j