Sunday, August 10, 2008

iTunes has a radio feature, and I'm listening to radio, which plays lots of satisfyingly eurotrashy dance music. Because there is no better place to keep track of eurotrashy dance music than Beirut. The only person I knew who had heard "Dragostea Din Tei" before the Numa Numa Dance swept the Internet was a guy who spent a lot of time hanging out in eurotrashy dance clubs in Beirut. Apparently, that's the epicenter of the good stuff, except if you know where to find the tiki lounge in Oakland where my sister's boyfriend is evidently spinning Italodisco under the nom de guerre of Dr. Fill.

So, I'm listening to, and a familiar chorus comes through: Hey Hezbollah! Eat this! It's a sped-up tinny remix of the Pet Shop Boys singing, "We'll run with the dogs tonight, in suburbia."

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sam said...

Hey there. I am glad you are listening to beirut nights radio. Italo EuroDance and Mediterranean delights for the sunny beautiful life. Nothing is trashy when it is so fun, happy and positive.
It is just a different way of looking at music in general as a lifestyle rather than a few good lyrics, it is simply melodious harmonies with beats and a few words of love and fun here and there!