Sunday, July 15, 2007


A little while ago, another blogger tagged me with a meme that I was then supposed to pass on. I didn't have it in me to send on the meme but then I realized that I therefore also hadn't linked to any other bloggers--and therefore had done nothing to support the nebulous but important community of bloggers.

To redeem myself, here are some links, not quite all blogs, and in no particular order, except the first:

1. Amanda of Ballastexistenz takes on the 8 random things in a literal way, much more lovely than my version--8 random things, photographed and explained.

2. In a parallel to my previous post, fellow internal medicine primary care intern/ MICU warrior/ blogger Dr Jess seems to be liking being a doctor too.

3. Just in case Dr Jess and I are warming your heart too much about doctors, though, the ever-scrappy Barbard Ehrenreich recently posted about the consequences of a healthcare system based on the drive for profit--including the tale of a truly terrible doctor.

4. At Acid Reflux, the always witty-and-pretty Miss Retro Virus is on her world tour. The sponsorships on her tour poster are a nice touch, but if that means that Miss Thing is really injecting T-20 (aka Fuzeon) 2x/day in Kigali, I truly salute her. Brian has lots to report in recent dispatches, including moving accounts of a meeting with people living with HIV in Rwanda.

5. If you're hoping that Miss Retro Virus will have a more fabu entry inhibitor soon, or you just want to get your own hands on one, keep tabs via the Treament Action Group's handy guide to antiretrovirals in the testing pipeline.

6. Chris at Methed Up continues to wrestle with how to make sense of his life as an addict, and is now looking back on the days before crystal meth came along. Crystal meth has been beating the fabulousness out of a lot of gay men (and, of course, others); and as a worried spectator when it was just a local West Coast curiosity, it's made me really sad to watch it spread coast to coast. But reading this entry reminds us that waves of new drugs don't hit randomly; they're most likely to hurt the people who had already been struggling--or would have been struggling--with the old ones. Like vodka, for example.

7. In theory, this link to Tundra Medicine Dreams should have something to do with health. In reality, it's for the really great sled dog puppy pictures and story of the retiring sled dog mom, by the rural Alaska physician's assistant who writes this blog.

8. And my longtime buddy from back on the West Coast, Big Sister, who writes about knitting but also has various other things to say (including some great recent travel pics that will make you want to go to Belize and the Alameda County Fair, in that order). In this post she showcases some items from I then went to Etsy and found a slightly overwhelming amount of cool handmade arts and crafts to choose from.


dr. jess said...

Hey Joe! I'm very, very behind with my Google Reader, but I always like to take a quick look at your blog to see how you're doing.

I've been thinking about getting a bag for the wards. How's yours working out?

Joe Wright said...

Hard to tell. First was MICU. Kind of a pod world--so I often just left it somewhere in the pod. Ambulatory I use a kind of briefcase-y thing because it looks more like a doctor and I just take it to the clinic and then set it down. So, it really has yet to be tested. Bone marrow transplant floor in a week and a half--that will be the real test.

At least two of my colleagues have the same bag, but in dark gray. They seem to like it.


Anonymous said...

Hey there. Yes I was injecting Fuzeon throughout this entire trip! I do believe I should get a meddle.

Thanks for the mention!

Hope all is well.