Saturday, April 24, 2010

When you're done getting dressed, take the rooster to the front desk

Sue Lowden is a Republican running to capture Sen. Harry Reid's seat in Nevada. Recently she suggested that we should go back to the days when people paid their doctors directly, whether in money, or you know, if they didn't have the money right then, then maybe, barter, with, you know, like, chickens and stuff. That back-to-the-old-days nonsense is so phenomenally stupid, it nearly begged for someone to set up this site:

Prices of medical procedures in number of chickens.

Make sure to read the fine print to properly adhere to the plan's rules.

For big procedures, the site suggests possibly converting to cows.

On the other hand, teaching hospitals might consider accepting chicks in order to subsidize medical education--and to pay residents with. Residents, being mere doctors-in-training, should be paid in chicks rather than in chickens. This will also allow them to invest in their future. Once the chicks grow up, they can be used to pay off student loans.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has a different plan available.

Unbelievably, after taking a week of jokes (Jay Leno: "But what if your doctor isn't Amish?"), she continued to promote this idea, in the tone of making a helpful suggestion for the folks at home.


Sara said...

With the adult chickens we have on hand, the only thing we could afford is a flu shot.

Joe Wright said...

Sure, but maybe if you can donate eggs to the vaccine company, you could get a discount, since they use egg to produce inactivated virus. Then you could maybe only have to spend half your chickens.

emily said...

I just offered my soddie in exchange for a cure for my swamp fever, on the Dems' site, but I haven't heard back yet. No doctor with any sense is going to want my soddie, because it is obviously situated near a swamp, and truth to tell, it's got kind of a muddy floor.