Sunday, February 7, 2010

There'll always be a Texas: nurses prosecuted for reporting improper behavior by a physician

It's certainly possible that nurses might report a doctor to bosses or regulators just to be spiteful. But the system has to make reporting easy, and safe, to make sure that quality issues don't get missed. That's what makes it such a travesty to criminally prosecute nurses for reporting concerns about a doctor's conduct. It would be a travesty even if the nurses' concerns ultimately weren't legitimate. But it's especially egregious when what's being reported is, in fact, bad behavior--stuff like emailing patients to promote his own herbal supplements that he was selling on the side.

New York Times covers the case.
Texas Nurses Association offers updates and legal defense fund information.

And as a bonus, because the Internet is full of glory, and for your edification, are Amazon reviews submitted by the doctor in question, which may singlehandedly convince you that these nurses were truly noble fighters for healthcare quality.

Google is specifically full of glory, and yea, noble also, for it teaches that this same doctor donated $968 to Ron Paul, and is a Facebook fan of "Ladies of Liberty" which is an organization for libertarian ladies to get other ladies involved in libertarianism, and also is a fan of Leviticus diet tips; and that he also appears in a program on "God's Learning Channel" as a doctor who treats patients with Morgellon's Disease...

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