Friday, September 11, 2009

Joe Wilson's war

For all the fuss about Joe Wilson disrespecting Obama by shouting "You lie!" (to which, it can only be said, he never would have said that to a white president)--

the biggest crime is not disrespecting the president, but that he was doing so in the cause of trying to make sure some Guatemalan girl can't deliver her baby, and some Chinese guy can't get treatment for HIV infection, and some old Mexican lady is going to die for reasons regular medical care could have prevented.

And now, politicians are bending over backwards to say, Joe Wilson is disrespectful, but to his larger point, they only respond, please, fellow Americans, be assured, we won't be taking this love your neighbor thing too far.

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Texaco said...

You know, I lived in Sweden for awhile. Granted, I was not an illegal. My dad was working there. But I was injured on a soccer field, and I received medical care courtesy of the Swedish health care system. I didn't have to wait for anything and it wasn't a giant hassle.

I've always admired that about their country.