Saturday, May 31, 2008

At hospital computers, anonymous toilers Google their inner states allows me to track what recent search terms people have used to find this site. A few people are clearly looking for this site specifically; most stumble on it with Google searches that lead them here--maybe the same way you ended up here.

Here's my favorite Google search phrase that led someone here, from a hospital-based server far far away:

"i'm a medical resident and i feel stupid"

This phrase put into Google's search box led the searcher to this blog. And all I can say is, brother or sister doctor-in-training, I feel you.

Keep searching.


Zahir said...

The best thing about this post is that, since you have this exact phrase on your blog, now if you type "I'm a medical resident and I feel stupid" and click on "I'm feeling lucky" it goes straight to your page.

Texaco said...

In AA we talk about it being a "program of attraction rather than promotion." A tiny circle of dedicated followers comprise about 40% of my traffic. Outside links, like the one in your sidebar, account for another 20%. The rest come from Google.

Today I got "jack it up to Jesus".
I've had "I hate my life and want to die", "this is God's last chance", and "how to slap someone's ass without them knowing".

I get traffic that makes me really happy, though. "How to share in an AA meeting", "how to write an amends letter", and "what is AA".

Good to see you, Doc.