Saturday, November 17, 2007

Go team!

pictures from Jimmy Huang's blog

How do those crazy kids give congratulations these days? Uh... MAD PROPS? I don't know. Anyway, congratulations to San Francisco's Lincoln High School biotechnology team, who worked in a UCSF lab to create a synthesome (read the article which explains it, and the blog by a team member which gives the play-by-play). Their team went head-to-head with college kids from around the world, flirted with cute cell wranglers from China, made the list of finalists, and ate at Toscanini's. This coming-together of my SF life and my Cambridge life made me happy today; sure, team Lincoln/UCSF, Toscanini's is no Mitchell's, but there are some good flavors, and I wish I'd been there to congratulate you.

Lincoln High website

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