Tuesday, May 29, 2007

...in brief

1. The blog From Med Skool is hosting the blog carnival Medical Grand Rounds and was very kind in listing my last post as his first featured choice. My very grateful thanks--and for a roundup of health-related blog posts, take a look at the rest.

2. For some reason this morning I woke up with the song from Rent that goes, "There's only us, there's only this" in my head. It was on cable the other night, but I've listened to lots of music since then. Why couldn't I have woken up with Cat Power's latest in my head? (It came out a while ago, but I've just started listening to it.)

3. Actually, despite the fact that by day I am totally relaxed and on a totally relaxing vacation, I keep waking up anxious and agitated, with thoughts of the hospital (and apparently, sentimental songs) in my head. And this is how I know I'm starting to get pretty nervous (appropriately so, I think) about the start of internship. Which is very very soon.

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